Online Stores: Ordering Made Easy


What It Is

Online stores are for larger group sales. We set up the store based on your design requirements, and everyone in your club or organization can individually order and pay for their gear online.


Who It's For

Larger organizations, teams, clubs, schools and corporate partners benefit from the online ordering process. Stores are built for orders with multiple product designs.



How It Works



Store Set up – 1 Week

  • Meet with sales team to choose products
  • Meet with design team to develop artwork/logos
  • We build the store & send for customer approval


Store open – 2 weeks max

  • Customers place individual orders
  • Remember to promote your store to members!


Production & Delivery – 2 to 3 weeks

  • Store closes & products are ordered
  • Products are embellished (screen printing & embroidery)
  • Completed orders are prepared for pick up or shipped


Keep In Mind

  • Minimum 12 pieces ordered per logo (if this number is not met, you will be charged for the difference).
  • Methods of delivery: pickup by team contact or individual order shipping for a fee. We do not allow individual order pick up.
  • No set up fee for online stores.
  • No exchanges or refunds once the store is closed & orders will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • Fundraising is available: raise money for your organization with every sale and receive a check at the end of the process.
  • Remember to promote your store & share the link while it's open!